The team behind Incredibility


Tony Seifart

Managing Director

With a Degree in Electrical Engineering from UCT, Tony Seifart graduated with a focus on Energy Conversion and Power Electronics and minor stint in Moral Philosophy and Economics. Not quite the foundations one would expect from someone who runs a Marketing Agency – but it certainly gives him a unique perspective on problem solving.

Digital Marketing is not just about getting people to know about your brand online, or to have an interactive Twitter or Facebook following. It’s also about turning that interest into cash in the bank. Tony’s unique perspective on digital marketing ensures that your marketing budget achieves maximum results and proper sales.

In 2005 he took on a personal challenge to earn R1million through online marketing alone, and achieved the results within 8 months. He regularly runs seminars and workshops on marketing and online business.

When he’s not working on a late-night-project, Tony can be found reading a book, watching movies with friends or counting sheep on the family farm.


Daniel Human

Loans Unlimited Operations Manager

Daniel Human has been part of the Incredibility team since 2008 putting his focus on Paid Search Advertising. His job is to ensure that your paid search budget is maximised and that you get maximum return on your investment.

Daniel is a keen and avid sportsman in his spare time, dabbling in Paintball, Downhill Mountain Racing and anything else that will give him an adrenaline rush.

Richard Poultney

Loans Unlimited Data Processing/Analysis

Richard joined Incredibility in 2014.

His job is to assist with processing the large amount of leads we generate on a daily basis. His vibrant and energetic personality keeps everyone around the office cheerful and his ability to make a great cup of coffee is second-to-none.

In his spare time Richard is a keen musician. He plays bass in multiple bands and organizes shows in the local music scene.

Cole Heugh

Loans Unlimited Data Processing/Analysis

Cole has been part of the Loans Unlimited team since 2014.

There are not many better at analysing mountains of data and ensuring that every detail is consistently and accurately processed and captured.

In his spare time, Cole keeps busy, pursuing his passion for 3D motion graphics. He is also an avid fisherman.