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Incredibility is a passionate and innovative media company in South Africa. Incredibility owns and publishes a number of online channels and platforms that have a combined following of over 600 000 diverse and loyal subscribers.

Our Channels


SABreakingNews is an online news and media aggregator focused on providing our readers and followers with breaking news in South Africa and across the globe as quickly as possible.

With our roots firmly established in Social Media we are uniquely placed to provide our readers with as-it-happens coverage of events as they unfold.

SABreaking News receives approximately 9000 page views per day and has a Twitter following of 496 000. The SABreakingNews twitter account grows by approximately 500 new followers per day.


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Takahashi is a competitions and survey website. Visitors select a prize they would like to win and complete a survey on varying subjects. Every week, Takahashi subscribers receive two emails which highlights a specif competition, survey or advertiser.

Takahashi has 70 000 subscribers.



The Platinum Club is a paid-for membership club which helps members with financial resources, such as loans, debt-counselling, insurance as well as information on personal finance, budgeting, debt consolidation and living debt free.Two emailers are sent out per week.

The Platinum Club has 60 000 subscribers.



The Baby Club is a bi-weekly mailer that goes out to young moms and dads giving them advice and tips on raising their little ones. The base is highly interactive and engaged.

The Baby Club has 15 000 subscribers.

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